February 2020


Have a great weekend peeps. I’m still in the learning process of WordPress and working out the kinks slowly. Sometimes I’m slow or don’t see something right away, and sometimes I get confused going to challenges 😊. Otherwise, gettin’ there. Oh, and still working on my page settings and how to do the upkeep and organizing. God bless!

UPDATE 02/18/20: I found some comments in my WPAdmin area and don’t know how or why they got there the other day. Sorry to anyone for any late reply’s!

UPDATE 02/22/20: I’ve noticed I have to follow others two times. I don’t know why but maybe that’s how WordPress is. 🙂 Just an update.

UPDATE 03/13/20: Well, my 2nd choice in theme is discontinued now. I lost it for good. But that’s okay, ’cause it was kind of laggy and glitchy.

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