April 2020

‘lil update

Towards the beginning of April I started reading at Luke 22 and since then I’ve continued to the Book of John; Chapter 11. Amazing words of the Lord Jesus packed in those chapters that I’ve read to date. For this study I’m reading from a Bible ² this time and not from an app or from my computer because of distractions and other reasons. I realize many people use the Bible lots already, but not me and living in this techy age I’ve grown accustomed to the computer, iPad, iPhone, like, all the time. I wanted to post this small excerpt of a newsletter that I’m subscribed to because it really blessed me from John Fenn.

Quote from the paragraphed header called, “Precious Faith”:

“Choosing to be less distracted and get back to really seeking the Lord God. This is a good time to consider unplugging, and instead ‘plug into’ your own worship, your own reading of the Bible on the shelf – not the phone App – but the paper and ink Bible that in years past you wrote in and highlighted passages. Let us reacquaint ourselves with the old and familiar ways. The dictionary defines “precious” as: “An object, substance or resource of great value, something not to be wasted nor treated carelessly.” ¹

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.

Psalm 68:4
  1. “April 2020 Newsletter.” Church Without Walls International. e-Newsletter. Dated: 20 Apr, 2020.
  2. I ordered the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible and I”m still waiting on the Strong’s Concordance, which is taking quite a long time to come in.

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    • Hey, sure thing… I’m still a bit new to it and I’m finding it’s pretty good so far, but I’ll go in more detail soon. I’m finding the side notes are accurate, but I realize they can only squeeze so much in there. It’s still quite good though. What do you use for references or cross referencing? Or what do you suggest for a Bible?

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      • It’s hard to recommend a bible not knowing exactly what you’re wanting. I don’t use ones with notes but very little. I like cross references/chain references to let the bible interpret itself. The Nelson Open Bible and the Thompson Chain are my two favorites. The Open for its encyclopedic index and the Thompson for the chain references.

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        • Yeah, that’s true. I was looking for a Bible with no commentaries or anything like that. I wanted cross-referencing and Strong’s Concordance, including large print (KJV). I’m finding the Thompson Chain has a lot of information in it and I saw some reviews to help me decide. Thank you, I’m going to check out the Nelson Open. : )

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          • The only commentary of the Open is a study guide found in the front that takes you to some scriptures that introduce people to the gospel and living it out. It does have some cross referencing at the end of verses. There aren’t many large print ones with many references. Praying and knowing God will lead you to the right one. I also use a NASB Inductive Study Bible with my Open KJV because it has pretty good references and wide margins to write in, no commentary, and has a lesson guide for studying each book. It’s not available in KJV.

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