May 2020

I like pens

Well, I like pens. I don’t know why, but I need a pen that writes good.

Good for writing very tiny sentences.

Some days I’m in the mood for a very fine tip pen like my Zebra F-310 0.7 mm.

Other days and most often I use the Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, 0.7. These are my favourites.

My fav…

So that makes Staples one of my favourite stores because that’s where I grab these buggers. And that’s where a funny incident happened a couple years ago when I was just browsing for a nice new pen. The manager comes by; ever so helpful to ask me, “If I need assistance?” Funny thing is that I didn’t think anybody needed assistance with pens and I didn’t know what to say back because he caught me by surprise. So I just blurted out, “I like pens!”

Yeah. He then proceeds to say, like, “Okay.” And then turns around to his staff at the tills to tell them, “She likes pens!” It was kinda embarrassing but at the same time I didn’t care. Me and the girl at the till had a good laugh when I finally found a pen. 😀

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