July 2020

Writing Prompts: The cupboard of abundance

It was empty, yet full.

And the cupboard was old, yet elegant; a very cheery bright white and when the sun shone through the kitchen window it radiated a dazzling bright yellow. In the morning, I look into my cupboard to grab my coffee and honey, and original Silk creamer. It makes the coffee taste so much better.

“Would you like some coffee with your honey?”

Unknown that I know of… ☕

When I think of the cupboard of abundance, it also reminds me of how the Lord blesses us. I can’t help but think physically of a cupboard and know there has to be a deeper meaning to it. Perhaps we should share our abundance with others, our gifts and talents; a blessing and a light. The Bible’s cupboard is full of abundance and fruit to help us grow.

I tried to write a haiku, but nothing came to mind. My cat just sat on my paper with the instructions printed out to this Writing Prompt challenge.

This is my first (attempt) response for ~M’s, Putting My Feet in the Dirt – July Writing Prompt .

By. Lily

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  1. Oh I’m so glad you’re joining us! This first one got me thinking about the deeper meaning of a cupboard. When I wrote down this prompt, it came to mind because of all the food I’d stocked up on because of the pandemic. Looks like your cat had fun with the prompt too! Lol…

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