July 2020

Close ups or macros

Good afternoon, my submission for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close ups or macros.

Taken this morning. I’m not sure why it’s bubbling like that…

I noticed it here and there on certain plants on our walk this morning. 🐾

I did a quick research to see what could be causing the frothy bubbles and I came to two conclusions. One source said they are escaping gas bubbles, but yet another source it’s caused by a type of nymph bug. So I’m not 100% on the photosynthetic process. But it is interesting…

The nymphs, called spittlebugs, make the foam, although it isn’t actually spittle. The bugs create the mass of bubbles by emitting air from their abdomen into their copious and watery urine, mixed with some sticky fluid to aid in bubble formation. 1

photosynthetic || relating to or involved in the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize nutrients from carbon dioxide and water.

  1. Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/19/science/spittlebugs-bubble-home.html

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