July 2020

Writing Prompts: Call the Plumber; I’m stuck…

Help, call the plumber I’m stuck in the bathroom, oh what a sight it was…

My mom just dialed me; wrong number.

Interrupted thoughts. I have no idea what to put except that my youngest son tends to plug it up. But he’s learning… Yay.

Beep! A text coming in; so weird. I don’ usually get much interaction. A welcome surprise.

Now back to the writing prompt. I think of how we need plumbers. So important. I remember using an outhouse back in the day, now I don’t think you can use a plumber for that reason, but I guess if you’re alone and have no one around except your phone. Then, yes! Call that plumber if you get stuck. Hopefully there is a local plumber in town, because I’m thinking if you’re stuck in there using an outhouse I’m hoping he doesn’t have to come in from out of town.

Call the plumber; I’m stuck… I’m really stuck on this prompt. I’m hoping I did alright and my time’s almost up.


Drink some coffee. In my favourite cup. Mr. Plumber would you like some coffee? You did a good job.

By. Lily

Good afternoon, my attempted response to ~M’s, July Writing Prompt Challenge. Thank you all for reading.

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